Meeting a Need When in Need

A the time of writing this, we are in the middle of another test of faith in the area of our finances.  It may seem strange to testify when only a small portion of the picture is clear, but the fact of the matter is – God showed up and I want to tell about it because He is good!

At this moment, both my husband and I are not working.  It was God’s orchestrating that put us in this position, so we’re waiting with full expectation that He will show up and do what He’s said He’ll do because He has tested our faith before, and frankly confirmations like this one help encourage us that we’re hearing His voice!

Anyway… so here’s the story!

We have some friends from church who are precious, Godly people.  They worked for the same organization not long ago and during that time became engaged and a week before their wedding found out that neither one of them were going to be paid for the last month that they’d worked.  Ouch!  What a way to enter into their marriage!

Both being strong people of faith they put it in God’s hands and they’ve consistently had what they needed when they needed it.  Different needs were met different way.  And I had been praying for them in the area of finances since I’d become aware of their needs. They had both found some part-time work to tide things over.  Then to make things more exciting they discovered they were pregnant!

One afternoon the husband (an amazing worshipper and worship leader) was called upon to lead worship at a church service that evening.  He stepped up without hesitation.  That evening, one of the leaders felt led to share their situation and open it up for the small gathering to give a love offering to them.

I looked over at Allen because I felt we were supposed to give, but he said he wasn’t getting that.  I was disappointed to say the least and asked him if he was sure a couple more times and then submitted to his decision as my husband.

I continued to pray that God would either release me of the burden to give to them or speak to my husband’s heart and tell him how much.

The next morning, Allen and I went to the prayer room at church and saw our friends there.  During one portion of prayer, they asked for anyone currently needing financial breakthrough to raise their hands and receive prayer.  Allen and I got up to get prayer as did our friends and several others.

As we were receiving prayer the Lord spoke a specific amount of money to Allen that we were to give to our friends.  When he told me afterwards I began to cry because I knew it was the voice of the Lord, and because it is such an honor to give to someone in need when you yourself are in need – it sets you up for the blessing of the Lord.

We quickly wrote them a check and handed it to them.  After prayer they came and shared their portion of the testimony.

When they got married they didn’t have anything but a twin mattress (which doesn’t work so well for marrieds!), and they’d felt led to buy a mattress set with the 90-days-same-as-cash option, believing God would provide the funds to pay it off before the 20+% interest kicked in.  They were 2 days away from the end of the 90-day period.

A week earlier, God had asked them to sow… to give to someone in need in the midst of their own need, and they had done so in obedience with expectation of God’s faithfulness.

On the way to the prayer room that morning they had thanked God for the offering the previous evening, but had felt led to pray more specifically.  So they asked God if He would provide the funds to pay off the mattress set.  And you probably guessed it, the amount God had told us to give them just an hour or so later was exactly what they needed to do that almost to the penny!

Praise God!  He is so good 🙂  We got to meet the need of some dear friends AND got confirmation we’re hearing His voice.

And in addition, because I had submitted to my husband and his ability to hear from God, the timing and amount were an answer to specific prayer, which is beautiful!

What a blessing!

W 16 July 2008 – Update

It’s exactly a week since I posted this testimony.  Today, I got a call about a settlement that I’ve been waiting on for over 9 months.  The person handling this situation for me was absolutely astonished because the settlement was 2.5 times what they would have expected.  They had no explanation for this and were completely baffled.

The difference between what was expected and what I got?  About 10 times the amount we gave last week!

Our God is an AWESOME God!

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  1. Fran, there’s not an easy answer on this – I would simply say seek the Lord’s guidance. I think He has specifically not given us “rules” so that we will ask Him. I can tell you personally for me it’s been different at different times. I know of people who do sow their first paycheck each year… but I think the Lord can show you when is a first fruits moment and how much to give. I pray He gives you wisdom! 🙂

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